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Kolmeks and Pumps UK have teamed together to provide Kolmek’s excellent pump technology to the United Kingdom. This partnership will make pump selection easier for consultants to select the pump they need and for contractors/suppliers to deliver to their customers.

The Kolmeks range consists of a large range of commercial-grade single-head and twin-head circulator pumps in either fixed speed format or the NEW Variable Speed MDA models utilising pre-installed Nastec inverters for adjustable output and differential pressure control.

Kolmeks Twin MDA Pump
Inverter Driven
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Kolmeks Fixed Speed Single Head Pump
Fixed Speed
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Kolmeks Pump Selector Square
Pump Selector Tool
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Kolmeks have been engineering pumps for over 75 years

Sustainability - Planet, People and Continuity

Kolmkes are dedicated to embracing the circular economy and development of technologies and processes that protect the environment and ensure maximum efficiency.

Their environmental goal is to reduce energy and water consumption as well as increase waste material utilization. Locations in the EU, China and India help to shorten their international supply chains and reduce their carbon footprint.

  • 95% Recycled metal used in pumps
  • 25 Years – Average lifetime for a Kolmeks pump
  • 40 Years – Kolmeks has been recycling pumps
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Download the PDF Kolmeks brochure here –>DOWNLOAD<–

Kolmeks Twin MDA Pump
Kolmeks MDA Variable Speed Pumps

— Pick your pumps by size and simply set the pump performance in the Mobile APP! —

Pumps selection has never been easier thanks to the new Kolmeks MDA pumps series. These advanced Nastec inverters allow you to select the pump you need by the connection size and simply dial in the performance using the iOS/Android App by adjusting the max frequency. This means you can have the equivalent of 5 different pumps built into every model so you can increase/decrease performance as required.

  • Variable Speed Control
  • Differential Pressure Control
  • Single/Twin Head Models
  • Remote Monitoring
  • iOS/Andorid App Interface
  • Cast Iron, Bronze or Acid-Resistant Steel
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Kolmeks Fixed Speed Pumps

— Pick the exact pump required for your application from the large product range  —

Kolmeks produce a large range of fixed-speed pumps for a variety of applications. Many applications don’t require precise control and a fixed-speed pump can be a cheaper alternative to modern variable-speed options. Kolmeks produce both single and twin-head pumps with a range.

  • Single or Twin Head
  • Large range of Models
  • Highly Efficient
  • Long Lifespan
  • Multiple Impeller/Motor Sizes
  • Cast Iron, Bronze or Acid-Resistant Steel
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Kolmeks Fixed Speed Single Head Pump
Kolmeks Pump Selector
Kolmeks Pump Selector

To aid you in pump selection Kolmeks has developed the ‘Kolmeks Pump Selector’ tool. The ‘Hydraulic Selection’ feature allows you to select a desired head pressure and flow rate alongside various other attributes to find the perfect pump for your application. It is easy to use and contains all the information you could ever need for professional pump selection.

Visit Pumpselector.Kolmeks.fi

Komeks pumps are made from 95% recycled metal

Pumps UK are here to help - use our knowledge for your benefit!

The team at Pumps UK ltd are on hand to help you every step of the way with your Kolmeks pump selection whether you are an experienced consultant or a contractor who wants an equivalent to an existing pump you have we are happy to help.

Call on 01322 292415 or email kolmeks@pumpsukltd.co.uk

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