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Booster pump manufacturer based in Kent, England. We have been been in the pump industry since 2002.

At the core of our company is our bespoke water booster pump production. We have built our reputation on our commitment to high quality, energy efficiency and value for money. Pumps UK can supply booster pumps for a wide array of applications and can custom build to suit. Our PUK VARI booster pumps offer considerable energy savings over fixed speed systems as well as a reduction in pressure fluctuations.

With planned reductions to mains pressure across the country, rural homes and urban high rise’s are facing potential low water pressures. Our booster pumps are an easy to install method of quickly giving a water pressure increase.

PUK VARI COM Booster Pump
Made in Britain

PUK VARI COM Booster Pump

2.2-18 l/s Flow & 0-10 bar Pressure

We engineered the PUK VARI COM booster pump to be the mainstay of our product range. It is a high-quality cold water booster set that is designed as a cost-effective solution for commercial applications such as hotels, offices and large residential properties.

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Made in Britain

PUK VARI TANK Booster Pump

0-4 l/s Flow & 0-8 bar Pressure

The PUK VARI TANK cold water booster pump has been designed as a cost-effective solution for domestic and commercial applications such as hotels, offices and large residential properties where space is limited requiring a combined tank & pump.

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Made in Britain

PUK VARI TWIN Booster Pump

2-4 l/s Flow & 3-7 bar Pressure

We designed the PUK VARI TWIN booster pump as an upgraded solution (over the PUK VARI BOOST) with an extra pump for increased performance and reliability. It is suitable for smaller domestic and commercial systems with hot and cold supply pipes and systems with un-vented cylinders.

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Made in Britain


0-2 l/s Flow & 3-9 bar Pressure

We designed the PUK VARI BOOST booster pump as a great solution for smaller domestic and commercial systems with hot and cold supply pipes. The PUK VARI BOOST is ideally suited for systems with un-vented cylinder, high resistance and flow bathroom fittings.

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PUK VARI GAP Cat5 Booster Pump
Made in Britain

PUK VARI GAP Booster Pump

0-2 l/s Flow & 3-9 bar Pressure

The PUK VARI GAP booster pump is CAT5 compliant with a built-in AB air gap tank for use with cold water supply in locations where back contamination needs to be prevented such as cleaning applications like a bin washdown system.

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PUK Autopress Pressurisation Unit

PUK Autopress Pressurisation Units

1-2 Pumps, Wall or Floor Mounted

The PUK Autopress pump pressurisation units are designed to replace water that has been lost through system leakage and to maintain the system design fill pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems.

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Who are Pumps UK Ltd?

Pumps UK is one of the most prominent water pump supply and service companies in London, Surrey, Kent and Essex.

We focus on providing cost-effective & reliable booster pump solutions covering all domestic & commercial applications. Our core business is the commissioning, installation, maintenance and servicing of booster pumps, circulators and pressurisation equipment.

We also have a department that deals with pump sales for both trade customers & personal customers across the UK. Orders can be placed over email, phone and through our online store.

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Why We Are Different



Our pumps are built using the highest quality components allowing them to be used with potable (drinking) water.



We can tailor each pump to suit your requirements with adjustable performance, flow direction and outlet locations.



Features like ‘Safety Fill’ and individual pump isolation ensure our products are at the forefront of the industry.



Our pumps are built to last, thanks to careful design, built-in redundancy and flow optimisation.

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    Paul Thomas

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    Paul has worked for Pumps UK for nearly 10 years and started as an engineer moving up to the service manager role. He is responsible for the operation, development and general running of the service department including our service/install/repair/replacement projects.

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