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PUK AutoPress pressurisation units are designed to replace water that has been lost through system leakage and to maintain the system design fill pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems in accordance with BS7074. This reduces the air in your sealed system and consequently increases efficiency.

Most modern boiler and air conditioning systems are sealed and require a device to maintain the system pressure and warn of potential issues. These warnings include alarms for when the fill pressure is low or when the water has over-expanded causing too much pressure. All sealed heating systems need to have an interlock circuit so that the boilers are cut out if the unit is at fault.

Most PUK AutoPress models are available from stock and can be supplied with applicable accessories such as expansion vesselsair separators and dosing pots if required.

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Single Pump or Twin Pump Models

The PUK Autopress pressurisation unit is available with either one or two pumps so here are the benefits of either system. You only need one pump to maintain pressure in a well-designed heating system but the addition of a second pump provides inbuilt redundancy and security.

We utilise high-quality Italian-made pumps that have been proven across the pump industry for many years and we carry a large stock for reliable production and spares supply.

  • Standard Pressure – These units work on systems up to 3.0 bar pressure.
  • High Pressure – These units work on systems up to 7.0 bar pressure.

Additionally, twin pump units have the following advantages:

  • Automatic duty pump rotation with the omission of tripped or failed pumps.
  • Duty pump fail with auto change over to stand by pump.
PUK AutoPress Twin Pump Internals

Wall Mounted Version

PUK AutoPress Wall Mount
Control Options and Features

The PUK AutoPress is suitable in a variety of sealed systems and while it is simple to install and operate there are lots available should you need to customise its operation.

  • Mains disconnect switch.
  • Back lit digital display.
  • Control panel section IP 54.
  • Multifunction control unit.
  • Simple set point adjustment.
  • Parameter lock.
  • Remote inhibit.
  • Delay start.
  • System Leakage alarm.
  • Service reminder function.
  • Break tank low water monitoring.
  • Transducer controlled.
  • High/Low pressure contacts for boiler/chiller interlock.
  • 2-litre Draw down vessel.
  • Auto isolating valves on each pump.
Integrated Break Tank

All PUK Autopress models include an 18-litre integrated WRAS approved water break tank to ensure compliance with water regulations. The internal (BS1212 Part 2) Ballvalve system controls the water level so you don’t need to and it ensures the pumps have an ample water supply.

  • Tough Blow Moulded Plastic
  • 18 Litre Capacity
  • BS1212 Part 2 Ballvalve with ½” Inlet
  • Easy Access Clip-on Hatch
PUK Autopress Integrated Tank
PUK AutoPress Electrical Design
Performance Indicators and Outputs

PUK AutoPress control is easy using the LCD screen menu and three-button interface and a series of N/C outputs are available for use with BMS systems or alarms.

Visual LED indicators for:

  • Pump run each pump.
  • Pump trip each pump.
  • Low pressure.
  • High pressure.
  • Duty pump failed.
  • Excessive run time.
  • Break tank Low water.

Volt Free Output Contacts for:

  • Leakage alarm.
  • High pressure.
  • Low pressure.
  • Excessive run time.
  • Break tank low level.
  • Duty pump failed (two pump units).
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PUK AutoPress pressurisation units are built in our units in Rochester, Kent (UK). We distribute the trade across the UK and are actively looking for partners in new areas.

3D Revit Files for BIM Design

3D BIM CAD files are available for all the PUK product range and can be downloaded in various formats through or the bimstore portal below. The files are also available in Autodesk Revit software directly via the official bimstore Revit plugin,