PUK VARI GAP Cat5 Booster Pump

PUK VARI GAP - CAT5 AB Booster System

Premium Quality Cat 5 Booster Set

The PUK VARI GAP is a variable speed constant pressure Cat 5 booster set specifically designed to suit systems where an AB air gap tank is required to prevent back contamination in applications such as cleaning/sanitary work, eg a waste bin washdown system.

The pump is fed from a 220 litre (AB Air Gap) storage tank which is suitable for potable water. The tank inlet is installed onto the incoming mains supply and the pump will then boost the water from the tank to the outlets in your system. This model for cold water only and not recommended for use with hot water.

We can also supply anti-vibration mounts and flexible connectors.

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Made in Britain Large
Our Booster Pumps Sets are Made in Britain

We have always been proud to say that our booster pump sets have been built in our workshop in Rochester (Kent, UK) by our skilled engineers. To assure customers of this we recently applied for ‘Made in Britain’ mark approval and will proudly show this mark on all of our PUK Products going forward.

High Performance & Energy Effeciency

The PUK VARI GAP is capable of a wide range of duties and can be tailored to offer the highest efficiency and produce energy savings over older pumps. Every booster is built to order but with components that we stock in our warehouse to provide fast delivery times.


  • Max Head: 7 bar
  • Max Flow: 1.0 l/s


  • Max Head: 7 bar
  • Max Flow: 2.0 l/s


  • Max Head: 9 bar
  • Max Flow: 1.1 l/s
PUK VARI Smaller Booster Pump Chart
GAP AB Tank for Booster Pumps
Integrated AB Air Gap Break Tank

The PUK VARI GAP has an integral pre-insulated break tank suitable for boosting potable quality cold water.

To achieve the standards required of a CAT5 booster set the following requirements were met. When the pump has a performance of over 12 l/min it cannot be connected to the incoming mains supply directly and need a break tank in the middle. The tank is then connected and filled from the incoming mains supply using a float valve. The pump then boosts from water in the tank ensuring there is an air gap between the water supply and pump at all times to prevent back-contamination.

  • Strong ABS construction
  • Easy Installation
Inverter Driven Pump Control

The pump is controlled to give a constant pressure and will ramp up speed when the demand increases in the building. This type of control will give clients savings on energy and reduce the risks of pressure problems in the system’s pipework.

  • Status Notifications
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Bluetooth Control
  • Highly Efficient Design

The inverter has a simple interface that is easy to understand and we stock spares in our Rochester warehouse for fast replacement should the unlikely need for replacement arise.

Nastec Mida
Booster Pump Component Motor
Premium Stainless Multistage Pumps

The PUK VARI GAP uses a WRAS approved booster pump suitable for potable water. The compact design allows for installations in tight places and is mounted to a steel baseplate to allow for easy transport and installation.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Robust, Reliable Design
  • WRAS Approved
  • Suitable for Potable Water
PUK Tank Booster Pump Brochure Mockup 2022
PUK Booster Brochure

To help explain the PUK Booster Pump range we produced a brochure with selection guides, technical performance and installation data. Download the PUK VARI GAP Brochure below.