PUK FIX TANK - Fixed Speed Tank Booster Set

Fixed Speed Break Tank and Booster Set for Commercial or Domestic Applications.

The PUK FIX TANK is a break tank and booster set that has been designed as a cost-effective solution for domestic and commercial applications such as hotels, offices and large residential properties where space is limited requiring a combined tank & pump. Fixed speed pumps are ideal for applications that require a fixed performance output such as filling a tank on a roof that gravity feeds a building or supplying specialised industrial machinery.

If you require a system with variable speed performance to match demand then see the PUK VARI TANK.

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Made in Britain Large
Our Booster Pumps Sets are Made in Britain

We have always been proud to say that our booster pump sets have been built in our workshop in Rochester (Kent, UK) by our skilled engineers. To assure customers of this we recently applied for ‘Made in Britain’ mark approval and will proudly show this mark on all of our PUK Products going forward.

Many Different Sizes of Tank Available

The PUK FIX TANK is available in two practical sizes (250L or 500L) to suit popular applications but we can happily custom build a set in larger capacities. The larger tanks would also available with an optional split seal to allow for transport through a standard sized UK doorway.

Standard Sizes: 250 litres or 500 litres (up to 3000 litres on request)

Each tank is made from fibreglass to a high quality and is a WRAS approved component. The lid is removable and there is an inspection hatch for easy maintenance.

Smart Pressure Switch Control

We pre-configure the integrated smart pressure switch to suit your desired application and changes are easy to make ‘on the fly’ thanks to its simple interface. This controller is stocked as a spare part in our Rochester warehouse for fast replacement should the unlikely need for replacement arise.

  • Built-In Display
  • Separate Start/Stop Settings
  • Alarm Notification
3D Revit Files for BIM Design

3D BIM CAD files are available for all the PUK product range and can be downloaded in various formats through https://www.bimstore.co or the bimstore portal below. The files are also available in Autodesk Revit software directly via the official bimstore Revit plugin,

The PUK VARI TANK and the PUK FIX TANK share the same dimensions so simply use the variable speed drawings below in place of the fixed speed units.