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PUK VARI TANK - AB Break Tank and Booster Set

A Premium Quality Combined Break Tank and Booster Pump Set for Commercial and Domestic Applications

The PUK VARI TANK is a break tank and booster set that has been designed as a cost-effective solution for domestic and commercial applications such as hotels, offices and large residential properties where space is limited requiring a combined tank & pump. This all-in-one unit is a great solution for buildings with limited space.

This booster unit is built from a ultra-strong fibreglass reinforced/insulated water tank, high-quality pumps, stainless manifolds, smart control panel and variable speed inverters. Many of the components are already WRAS approved individually, to assure our customer of the quality of the completed system we are currently in the process of applying for WRAS approval for the completed tank system.

  • Quiet Submersible Pumps
  • PUK Safety Fill‘ Technology
  • Sound/Heat Insulated Tank
  • Variable Speed Inverters
  • 250 to 3,000 litre Capacity
  • WRAS Approved Tank
  • Air Gap Protection
  • Ball Float Inlet Valve
  • Stainless Steel Manifolds

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Made in Britain Large
PUK Booster Pumps are Made in Britain

We have always been proud to say that our booster pump sets have been built in our workshop in Rochester (Kent, UK) by our skilled engineers. To assure customers of this we recently applied for ‘Made in Britain’ mark approval and will proudly show this mark on all of our PUK Products going forward.

Reinforced Composite Tank with Options

The PUK VARI TANK is available in a selection of sizes from 250 litres up to 3000 litres allowing for a wide array of applications. The larger tanks are also available with an optional split seal to allow for transport through a standard sized UK doorway (see further down).

Sizes are Available: 250L500L750L1000L1500L2000L3000L

Each tank is made from fibreglass to a high standard and is a WRAS approved component. The walls and lid are reinforced for transportation and rigidity which also acts as insulation. The lid is removable and there is an inspection hatch for easy maintenance of the pump should it be needed or the tank need to be cleaned.

The AB air gap design means that the incoming water supply will never touch the existing water in the tank ensuring back contamination protection. This is done using a ball float inlet valve and we have the extra step that should the worst even happen and the valve fail we have weirs that guarantee the gap is kept. We have covers above the weirs to protect from dust and a wire mesh to keep the insects out.

Pump inside a PUK Vari Tank
Submersible Pumps for Quiet Operation

On all of our booster sets we insist on using only use the highest quality pumps to ensure they operate reliably and quietly but the PUK Vari Tank has advantages over other models because the pumps are submerged underwater in the tank. The water reduces the pump noise further by dampening the soundwaves, unlike many other makes our tanks are reinforced/insulated within the composite layers creating an additional sound barrier.

Testing and explaining noise levels can have a lot of variables so we think an example real world application is the best proof of our claims. We have a PUK Vari Tank 250 in our offices so we tested the noise to see the results. The ambient noise in our utilities room was 40db, then we switched the pump on and the meter read 44db, only a small 4db increase.

Multiple Performance Options

We offer both single and twin pump options providing Duty only, Duty/Standby or Duty/Assist configurations. Each pump is independently inverter controlled and can be configured/monitored using the Nastec Now App (iOS/Android) using a compatible smart phone.

Our twin pump models have the added advantage of an easy to use control panel that distributes power to both pumps, built in ‘Safety Fill‘ technology (learn more) and makes control easy with LED status indicators and a power isolating switch.

There are also three standard performance levels to choose from as standard covering the most popular applications. Adding a second pump will double the flow or it can setup just as a backup.

  • 60 Pump = 60 l/m | 1 l/s | 3.6 m3h @ 3 bar
  • 90 Pump = 90 l/m | 1.5 l/s | 5.4 m3h @ 3 bar
  • 120 Pump = 120 l/m | 2 l/s | 7.2 m3h @ 3 bar

We can also offer models custom performance (pressure/flow) models on request, just email with the specifications you need and we will do the rest.

PUK VARI TANK Booster Pump Split Tank
Split Tank Option for Easy Installation

We have a convenient ‘Split Tank’ option available to increase the practicality of installing our larger 1000~3000 litre models. This is where we construct the tank in two parts for easier transportation and installation that can then be reassembled on site. The location of the split seam changes depending on the model but it is usually across the middle of the tank making two more practically sized halves. The tank halves have a large moulded flange surface on each part that will be permanently sealed on-site using an extremely strong ‘water safe’ sealant and then firmly bolted together to ensure they are never coming apart again!

We carefully sized the tanks so that when the ‘Split Tank’ option is chosen then each half can fit through a standard UK doorway making it a lot easier to transport/store/position before final installation. Once completed the tank is as waterproof and if it was originally one piece and the added flange only increases the tanks physical strength!

PUK Tank Booster Pump Brochure Mockup 2022
PUK Booster Tank Brochure

To help explain the PUK Tank Booster Pump range we produced a brochure with selection guides, technical performance and installation data.

Download the 2022 PUK VARI TANK Brochure below or email us for a printed copy posted directly to your door.

3D Revit Files for BIM Design

3D BIM CAD files are available for all the PUK product range and can be downloaded in various formats through or the bimstore portal below. The files are also available in Autodesk Revit software directly via the official bimstore Revit plugin,