PUK VARI COM Booster Pump Installed in London

PUK VARI COM - Commercial Booster Pump

The PUK VARI COM is a mains water booster pump that has been designed as a cost-effective solution for commercial applications such as hotels, offices and large residential properties. This booster pump is fully WRAS approved ready for use with potable water and utilises our special ‘Safety Fill’ technology.

Each booster pump is built using high-quality vertical multistage pumps and premium components with a smart control panel and variable speed motor mounted inverters. Each booster has a pressure vessel included with a flow-through valve and a drain cock for easy regular maintenance.

We can also supply a range of fitting accessories including anti-vibration mounts, flexible connectors and cut out float switches.

Call 01322 292 415 to discuss your requirements or email at boosters@pumpsukltd.co.uk.

WRAS Approved for Potable Water Safety

The WRAS seal of approval is seen as a guarantee of quality and water safety ensuring the protection of public health by preventing contamination of public water supplies, promoting and facilitating compliance with the Water Supply Regulations and Byelaws. We took this extra setup to assure our customers of the quality of our product.

Made in Britain Large
Our Booster Pumps Sets are Made in Britain

We have always been proud to say that our booster pump sets have been built in our workshop in Rochester (Kent, UK) by our skilled engineers. To assure customers of this we recently applied for ‘Made in Britain’ mark approval and will proudly show this mark on all of our PUK Products going forward.

Performance, Reliability & Efficiency

Being a commercial grade mains water booster pump the PUK VARI COM is capable of a wide range of duties and can be tailored to offer the highest efficiency and produce energy savings over old pumps while exceeding the current requirements.

  • PUK VARI COM SM (2 or 3 Pump) – 2.2 to 4.4 l/s Flow & 1-12 bar Pressure
  • PUK VARI COM MD (2 or 3 Pump) – 2.6 to 7.2 l/s Flow & 1-12 bar Pressure
  • PUK VARI COM LG (2 or 3 Pump) – 6 to 12 l/s Flow & 1-12 bar Pressure
  • PUK VARI COM XL (2 or 3 Pump) – 9 to 18 l/s Flow & 1-12 bar Pressure

Pumps with a higher specification (duty or flow) can be built to order, please contact our team to discuss. For a pump with less performance please see the PUK VARI BOOST and PUK VARI TWIN.

PUK VARI COM 3 Flanged
PUK Safety Fill Logo
Performance, Reliability & Efficiency

When our PUK VARI COM units are first turned on the control panel initiates our unique ‘Safety Fill’ feature to protect from rapid pressurisation. In tall buildings when a booster pump is first started, water can fill the system rapidly and create a hydraulic shock surge also known as ‘water hammer’, which can cause extreme damage to the pipework.

The only pump that has this system is the PUK VARI COM. If you would like to discuss this feature in regards to your specific building then please contact our booster pump team at boosters@pumpsukltd.co.uk.

Energy Efficient Inverter Control

We only use the highest quality variable speed inverters in our booster sets to provide the easiest operation/maintenance and the highest efficiency. Using precise transducer pressure measurement the inverters adjusts the pump performance to provide consistent water pressure as the building water demand increases/decreases. This highly efficient control offers great energy savings over old fixed speed systems and removes the risks of sudden pressure problems in the buildings pipework.

  • Built-In LCD Display (Status Notifications & Alarm Notifications)
  • Low-pressure threshold settings (to cut out if low water switch fails)
  • Switch loads across pumps to ensure equal load/wear
  • Reliable Danfoss Transducer Pressure Sensor
  • Nastec NOW App Programming (iOS or Android)
Nastec Vasco Inverter
Lowara Booster Pump Units
Stainless Steel Multistage Pumps

The PUK VARI COM is can be built using a selection of pumps, most commonly Lowara SV range and Ebara EVMS ranges of vertical multistage boosters. The ability to select between this huge lineup of pumps allow us to customised the PUK VARI COM to suit your exact flow and head requirements.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Robust and Reliable Design
  • WRAS Approved Pumps
  • Suitable for Potable Water
PUK Combined Control Panel

Our PUK control panels are completely pre-wired into the inverters allowing simple control from the one panel allowing you to enable/disable the system with ease.

Our panels are fitted with a unique ‘Slow Fill’ function that only starts only one pump first when the power is switched on to the set. The pump will then pre-fill the vertical riser dramatically reducing the risk of hydraulic shock damaging the pipework system when the pump is fully started. This is unique Pumps UK technology and not available elsewhere.

The panel itself is quite complicated and you can see that as soon as you open the door but the outside has been kept simple for ease of use. There are two large lights, a power supply indicator and an error indicator alerting you to call our engineers. You can also turn each pump off at the turn of a switch and there is a switch to turn the pump off completely.

Easily upgradable for full BMS control + MODBUS or BACnet protocols.

PUK VARI COM Booster Pump Control Panel
PUK Large Booster Pump Brochure Mockup 2022
PUK Booster Brochure

To help explain the PUK Booster Pump range we produced a brochure with selection guides, technical performance and installation data. Download the PUK VARI COM Brochure below.

3D Revit Files for BIM Design

3D BIM CAD files are available for all the PUK product range and can be downloaded in various formats through https://www.bimstore.co or the bimstore portal below. The files are also available in Autodesk Revit software directly via the official bimstore Revit plugin,